Is Today The Day You Rethink Life?

Is Today The Day You Rethink Life?

August 05, 2022

Show your love, even when you aren't there.

Your family will never be the same without you. But their lives will continue—and so will the bills and other responsibilities. Make sure your love for them continues too.

Choosing the right life insurance coverage can help your loved ones feel a sense of financial security for their future, even if that future may not always include you.

If anyone depends on you financially, you need life insurance. It's that simple. Life insurance can help cover:

• Funeral and burial costs

• Continuing expenses—mortgage, car payments, healthcare, groceries, etc.

• Outstanding debt—credit cards, student loans, personal loans

• Childcare or college tuition

Your family has a long, bright road ahead. Make sure you can help provide for it.

Visit ERIE's life insurance calculator to estimate how much coverage you'll need to ensure they can pay off debt, maintain the lifestyle they're accustomed to and pursue their dreams, no matter what.

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